Volvo Construction Equipment With the launch of Sweden’s first 5G network for industrial use today along with Telia Company and Ericsson, Volvo CE becomes one of the first in the world to use 5G technology to test remote-controlled machines and autonomous solutions. this Innovative Idea have huge impact on total cost of owner ship and operators comfort in different job sites.

In dangers job site operator safety is main concern for all project managers and companies need to invest a lot of money on safety factor to reduce the risk of construction equipment operator injury and at the time keep production efective. when there is possibility to have remote controlled machine, operators located in safe place far from site and they can operate their Volvo machine remotely.

In this case Volvo operator and job site manager can just focus on construction machine production and they don’t need to be worry about other factors although safety protocol must run during operation but in middle terms companies should invest less. in this case total cost of owner ship for whole project will decrease.

Second major impact is operator comfort, all of us knows that companies need to pay for construction equipment operators food and accommodation during operation when it is far from cities. so project managers need to equipped their job site to make it as comfort as possible for their staff to have best performance in their job site. with Volvo CE remote control machine companies are able to keep their operator somewhere close to their home and   at the same time close to the job site.

in this case project have less cost duo to have less staff in job site and at the same time operators feel better because they can be home every day and spend their time with their families.


Volvo Construction Equipment as one of the biggest earthmoving manufacturer in the world always research and develop new technologies to reduce the total cost of ownership for Volvo machine owner and that is big advantage for customers around the world.

Ali Ghamsari

Memorial Heavy Equipment